Benjamin Cosby

Benjamin Cosby
b. 29 January 1824, Republican, Jefferson County, Indiana, to Richard M. and Henrietta (Duvall) Cosby
d. 2 November 1895, Dixon, Sumner County, Kansas

m/1. 21 November 1844, Jefferson County, Indiana
Henrietta Souders
b. 8 January 1823, Indiana
d. 27 June 1853, Bartholomew or Shelby County, Indiana

Elizabeth Jane LittleJohn
b. 30 April 1830, Indiana
d. 2 March 1894, Dixon Township, Sumner County, Kansas

Children with Henrietta Souders:

  • Eli
  • Hattie married Felton Vollmer in 1871 in Minnesota
  • Mary

Children with Elizabeth Jane LittleJohn:

  • Harrison
  • Henrietta
  • Charles
  • Lura
  • Grant

Benjamin moved in 1857 to Waterford, Dakota County, Minnesota. In 1862, the family moved on to Sharon Township, LeSueur County, Minnesota, and in 1883, moved from Minnesota to Dixon Township, Sumner County, Kansas.

Submitted by
Lois Chaddick
New York NY

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