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Margaretha Louisa Krieger

Margaretha Louisa Krieger
b. 25 March 1825, Germany, to Johann Heinrich and Anna Sophia Margaretha (Romer) Krieger
d. 1 March 1910, Cincinnati, Ohio

m. 26 July 1843, Cincinnati, Ohio
Johann Heinrich Clausheide
b. 12 April 1818, Cincinnati, Ohio, to Johann Heinrich and Anna Magdalena (Brockman) Clausheide
d. 19 April 1879, Cincinnati, Ohio

Children with Johann Heinrich Clausheide:

  • Lucie Christine (1844-1894) married Friederick Strubbe
  • Christine Wilhelminia (1847-1854)
  • Margaretha Sophia (1849-1873) married Jacob William Schott
  • Sophia Elisa (1852-1855)
  • Johann Wilhelm (b. 1855) married Laura Runck
  • Frederick W. (1857-1928)
  • Heinrich William (b. 1858) married Alvina Trimpe
  • Amelia Sophia (1862-1864)
  • Wilhelm Hermann “Bill” (1865-1939) married Louise Thoerner
  • Anna (b. 1867) married Charles Kuhn
  • Louisa Henrietta (1871-1921) married Henry Kassens

Louisa resided in Batesville, Indiana, from 1839 through 1843. She and Johann owned 10 acres in Batesville, still identified as the Clauseheide Addition. Louisa set out a row of Maple trees along the road which gave it the name of Maplewood Avenue. Even after she no longer lived there, Louisa was in Batesville from time to time as she still owned a house there.

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