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Peter Heinrich Stockamp

Peter Heinrich “Henry” Stockamp
b. 29 August 1831, Westphalen, Germany, to Johann and Catherine (Silvert-Schroeder) Stockamp
d. 7 July 1907, Scribner, Dodge County, Nebraska

m. 4 September 1862, Wegan, Jackson County, Indiana
Maria Katherina/Catherine Elizabeth Schnueck
b. 21 July 1845, Hanover, Germany
d. 28 March 1913, Scribner, Dodge County, Nebraska

Children with Maria Katherina/Catherine Elizabeth Schnueck:
• Maria Elsie “Mary”
• Johann Heinrich “John”
• George
• Anna Mathilde “Tillie”
• Clarissa Louise “Clara”
• Henry Wilhelm

Henry and Maria lived in Brownstown, Jackson County, Indiana, where five of their children were born. They moved to Scribner, Dodge County, Nebraska, in 1880.

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