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William “Willie” Gorham

William “Willie” Gorham
b. 13 May 1867, Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana, to Marquis de Lafayette and Eunice (Thatcher) Gorham
d. 27 March 1941, Hamilton, Ravalli County, Montana

m. 14 September 1931, Ravalli County, Montana
Julie V. Borell
d. before 1941, Ravalli County, Montana

William emigrated from Allen County, Indiana, to Darby, Ravalli County, Montana, in 1890 to search for gold. There were no known children.

Submitted by:
Robert E. Gorham
Dallas TX

Wakeman Gorham

Wakeman Gorham
b. 12 October 1856, Aboite, Allen County, Indiana, to Marquis de Lafayette and Eunice (Thatcher) Gorham
d. 9 May 1927, San Pedro, Los Angeles County, California

m/1. 4 July 1882, Bluffton, Wells County, Indiana
Emma Magley
b. 12 October 1860, Whitley County, Indiana
d. 6 May 1898, Churubusco, Whitley County, Indiana

m/2. 1899
Libby [–?–]
b. August 1873, Indiana


  • Pearl Cornelia
  • Oliver Bryan
  • Charles

Wakeman emigrated from Wells County, Indiana, to Marion, Allen County, Ohio, in 1899.

Submitted by:
Robert E. Gorham
Dallas TX

Stephen A Douglas Gorham

Stephen A Douglas “Doug” Gorham
b. 20 October 1862, Allen County, Indiana, to Marquis de Lafayette and Eunice (Thatcher) Gorham
d. 13 February 1929, Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee

m. 25 December 1884, Bluffton, Wells County, Indiana
Minnie Icey Magley
b. 10 March 1866, Whitley County, Indiana
d. 13 June 1936, Holcomb, Dunklin County, Missouri

Children with Minnie Icey Magley:

  • Carrie May
  • Alfred Carter
  • Earl William
  • Grover Douglas
  • Zeron Turner
  • Helen Deloris
  • Eunice Rosan

Doug operated mills for staves for making barrels in Indiana, Illinois, Arkansas, and Louisiana during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. He moved to Murphysboro, Jackson County, Illinois, in the 1890’s.

Submitted by:
Robert E. Gorham
Dallas TX

Sarah H Gorham

Sarah H Gorham
b. about 1852, Aboite, Allen County, Indiana, to Marquis de Lafayette and Eunice (Thatcher) Gorham
d. 1 October 1885, near Springfield, Greene County, Missouri

m/1. 20 December 1871, Allen County, Indiana
George E. Graham
b. about 1854, Pennsylvania
d. 27 April 1886, Springfield, Greene County, Missouri

m/2. 6 April 1878, Allen County, Indiana
George E. Graham (remarriage)

Children with George E. Graham:

  • Charles A.
  • Roy

Sarah moved to Springfield, Missouri, in 1885. She was murdered by her husband George, who was later taken from jail and lynched by a mob on 27 April 1886 in Springfield, Missouri.

Submitted by:
Robert E. Gorham
Dallas TX

Abigail Gorham

Abigail Gorham
b. 30 September 1855, Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana, to Marquis de Lafayette and Eunice (Thatcher) Gorham
d. 1 April 1934, Monett, Barry County, Missouri

m. 23 January 1872, Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana
Timothy Lee Breese
b. 30 July 1851, Ohio
d. 14 November 1914, Kirksville, Adair County, Missouri

Children with Timothy L. Breese:

  • Abbie Maud
  • Bessie
  • Isabelle

Abigail emigrated from Allen County, Indiana, to Springfield, Greene County, Missouri, in the 1880’s.

Abigail’s daughter Maud and her husband, Ambrose Pettefer, were osteopathic physicians in Springfield, Missouri, from 1915 to 1926 before relocating in California.

Submitted by:
Robert E. Gorham
Dallas TX

Joseph Alvin Chavis, Jr.

Joseph Alvin Chavis, Jr.
b. 6 September 1877, Hamblen County, Tennessee, to Joseph Alvin and Louisa Eliza (Ledwell) Chavis, Sr.
d. 8 November 1960, St. Louis County, Missouri

m. 5 September 1903, Putnam County, Indiana
Ollie Blanche Bailey
b. 2 July 1883, Putnam County, Indiana, to Roscoe Oliver and Emma Margarette (Gorham) Bailey
d. 9 January 1958, St. Louis County, Missouri

Children with Ollie Blanche Bailey:

  • Russell Richard (b. 1902) married Dorothy Faye Calvin
  • Edgar Alfred (1905–1975) married (1) Jean Beveridge, (2) Frances Woodson
  • Pauline (1913–1992) married Russell Louis Bishop

Joseph, the fifth child of Joseph and Louisa Chavis, immigrated to Indiana from Tennessee with his parents and siblings, but when Joseph left Indiana in 1912 intending to travel all the way to California to work on the railroad, the rest of his family remained in Indiana. When Joseph and Ollie left Indiana, Ollie was pregnant, and they decided to stop in St. Louis, Missouri, until the child was born. But because daughter Pauline was so tiny and sickly, they decided to remain in St. Louis instead of moving further west.

Joseph never did work for the railroad although his son Russell and his grandson Jim did. Instead Joseph became a day laborer, first for a coal mine. During the Depression he would carry 100-pound blocks of coal home on his shoulders to keep the family warm.

Later, during the construction of the four-story Tums Building in downtown St. Louis, Joseph fell through an open space in the sub floor and plunged two floors to a concrete basement below. He spent many months in a body cast but recovered. In the 1950’s, when a grandson on leave from the Marines visited Joseph, he found his eighty-year-old grandfather up in a fifty foot tree sawing off a dead limb, with his grandmother standing below shaking her finger at him and hollering, “Joseph, come down from that tree.” This was after their fiftieth wedding anniversary.

Submitted by:
Patricia Bishop Obrist
St. Charles MO

Roscoe Oliver Bailey

Roscoe Oliver Bailey
b. 29 January 1863, Putnam County, Indiana, to Henry C. and Caroline (Browning) Bailey
d. 13 June 1923, St. Louis, Missouri
m. 13 September 1882, Putnam County, Indiana

Emma Margarette “Maggie” Gorham
b. 31 March 1862, Putnam County, Indiana, to George and Emerine H. (Moss) Gorham
d. 15 September 1946, Hendricks County, Indiana

Children with Emma Margarette Gorham:

  • Ollie Blanche (1883-1958) married Joseph Alvin Chavis
  • Henry D. (1890-1957) married Marguerite Grimeler

After their children were born, Roscoe and Maggie Bailey emigrated from Indiana to St.
Louis County, Missouri. Maggie Gorham Bailey lived in St. Louis for about 15 years before returning to Indiana sometime after the death of her husband.

Submitted by:
Patricia Bishop Obrist
St. Charles MO