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Eli Cutshall

Eli Cutshall
b. 1815, Maryland, to Samuel and Mary (Darner) Cutshall
d. 30 April 1885, Littleton, Buchanan County, Iowa

m. 23 September 1841, Wells County, Indiana
Dorcas Price
b. April 1823, Pennsylvania
d. 20 September 1911, Littleton, Buchanan County, Iowa

Children with Dorcas Price:

  • Ann Marie
  • Samuel L.
  • Thomas J.
  • Mary J.
  • Sarah M.
  • Kate J.
  • Joseph H.
  • George W.
  • Hester L.
  • Eli G.
  • Charles Wesley
  • infant

In 1837 Eli came from Dayton, Ohio, to near Wallen, Allen County, Indiana, and left in 1856. He and his father had a large farm on the north edge of Allen County.

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