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Gottlieb Friedrich Wilhelm Michael Traub

Gottlieb Friedrich Wilhelm Michael Traub
b. 9 April 1866, Bingen, Adams County, Indiana, to Gottlieb and Maria W. (Aumann) Traub
d. 17 February 1922, Hancock, Houghton County, Michigan

m. 13 May 1896, Aurora, Kane County, Illinois
Anna Rosina Muschler
b. 6 November 1870, Aurora, Kane County, Illinois
d. 2 January 1938, Hancock, Houghton County, Michigan

Children with Anna Rosina Muschler:

  • Anna Maria
  • Gotlieb Georg
  • Lydia Henriette
  • Clara Bertha
  • Wilhelm Andreas
  • Edna Louise
  • Arthur Carl

Gottlieb emigrated from Adams or Allen County in 1868 to Crete, Will County, Illinois. He attended Concordia College in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and Concordia Theological Seminary in Springfield, Illinois. Gottlieb and his father were both Lutheran ministers who relocated frequently.

Submitted by:
Carol Koty
Mukwonago WI

Gottlieb Traub

Gottlieb Traub
b. 2 August 1842, Goppingen, Heiningen, Germany, to Gottlieb and Jacobine (Widmann) Traub
d. 1 July 1900, Aurora, Kane County, Illinois

m. 17 June 1864, Decatur, Adams County, Indiana
Maria W. Aumann
b. 13 September 1847, Adams County, Indiana
d. 6 February 1902, Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana

Children with Maria W. Aumann:

  • Gottlieg Friedrich Wilhelm Michael
  • Lorenz Gustav
  • Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm
  • Wilhelm Christoph
  • Friedrich Wilhelm
  • Marie Emelie Friedericke
  • Emilie Lizette Elise
  • Anna Maria
  • Louisa “Luella”
  • Wilhelmine T.
  • Friedrich C.

Gottlieb Traub came directly to Indiana from Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri, to minister at St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church of Allen and Adams counties. He immigrated in 1868 to Crete, Will County, Illinois.

Submitted by:
Carol Koty
Mukwonago WI