Overton Southern

Overton Southern
birth: 1803 in Guilford, North Carolina to Preston Ford Southern
death: 8 Nov 1855 in Lawrence County, IN
burial: Kinser Cemetery, Monroe County, IN

marriage: 21 March 1822 in Guilford, NC
Nancy Heath
birth: 1805 in Guilford, NC to John Heath and Charlotte Rangan
death: 12 Sep 1887 in Monroe County, IN
burial: Kinser Cemetery, Monroe County, IN

Children of Nancy Heath and Overton Southern:

  • Charlotte Southern, 1825
  • Elizabeth Southern (Watson, Holder), 1826-1914
  • Sarah Jane Southern, 1827-1908
  • John P. Southern, 1832-1909
  • Mary Southern, 1834-1908
  • William Southern, Sr, 1835-1900
  • Matilda Southern, 1838-1894
  • James H Southern, 1840-1901
  • Joseph Southern, 1840-1934
  • Henry Southern, 1844-1863
  • Marion O. Southern, 1847-1922
  • Norval Southern 1849-1928

Ancestor here lived in:

Monroe County, IN

Other Information:

Overton, Nancy, Charlotte, Elizabeth, and Sarah Jane lived in North Carolina.
Overton and Nancy moved to Kentucky where John was born in 1837.
Overton, Nancy and all of the other children lived in Indiana.

Submitted by:
Gordon Southern
Email: gordonsouthern48@gmail.com

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