Henry Daniel Dow

Henry Daniel Dow
birth: 21 June 1766 in Plainfield, Windham, Connecticut Colony to John Dow and Elizabeth Burton
death: 22 July 1848
burial: Old Borden Cemetery, Clark County, Indiana

marriage: 6 December 1787 in Plainfield, Windham Connecticut
Elizabeth Dow
birth: 22 June 1763 in Voluntown, New London Connecticut Colony to Benjamin Dow and Mary Hutchinson
death: 12 November 1846 in Clark County Indiana
burial: Old Borden Cemetery, Clark County, IN

Children of Elizabeth Dow and Henry Daniel Dow:

  • Mary “Polly” Dow 1788-?
  • Elisha B. Dow 1790-?
  • Elder henry Dow 1794-1873
  • Sargent Benjamin Dow 1797-1815
  • John Dow 1799-?
  • Nathan Dow 1801-1843
  • Asa Dow 1803-1815
  • Rebecca Dow 1805-1870

Ancestor here lived in:

Clark County, Indiana

Other Information:

Henry Daniel Dow came to Clark Co. in 1817 from Connecticut and purchased land at that time and moved his family in 1819. He erected a saw mill in 1820. There was lots of timber to clear and saw into useable lumber. It was probably one of the first saw mills erected in Indiana I would venture a guess. He later received a land warrant from the government in 1842 as the government was promoting the settling of this territory. The next generation moved northward into Morgan county later. Henry is mentioned in the book by Captain Lewis C. Baird’s “History of Clark County”…noted on page 64.

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