Anders Ludvig “Gust” Johannesson Johnson

Anders Ludvig “Gust” Johannesson Johnson
birth: 8 August 1839 in Norra Vi, Östergötland, Sweden to Johannes and Johanna Maria Danielsdotter Ingesson
death: 20 May 1906
burial: Blake Cemetery, Portage, Porter, Indiana

marriage: Before November 1869 Sweden
Thilda “Anna Matilda” Johansdotter
birth: 26 October 1848 in Jönköping, Sweden to Johannes and Anna Lena Magnidotter Petersson
death: 20 November 1891 in Porter, Indiana
burial: Likely Blake Cemetery, Portage, Porter, Indiana

Children of Thilda “Anna Matilda” Johansdotter and Anders Ludvig “Gust” Johannesson Johnson:

  • Johan Andersson Jonasson (1869-?)
  • Carl Gottfrid Andersson Jonasson (1872-?)
  • Anna Lovisa “Anna Louise” Andersdotter Jonasson (1874-?)
  • Ida Kristina “Ida Christine” Andersdotter Jonasson (1877-1952) m. Charles Johnberg
  • Oskar Wilhelm “Oscar William” Andersson Jonasson (1879-Bef. 1886)
  • Selma Emilia “Selma Amelia” Andersdotter Jonasson (1881-1959) m. Otto William Chellberg
  • Charles “Charlie” Gotfried Johnsen (1883-1967)
  • Oskar Wilhelm “William” Johnson (1886-1929) m. Anna Blair
  • Nellie Matilda Johnson (1888-Bef 1900)
  • Anders “Andrew” Teodor Johnson (1889-1933)

With Wife Lovisa “Louise” Carlson:
Ruth Elizabeth Johnson (1894-1980) m. Bert Garfield Thompson
Elsie Wilhelmina Johnson (1896-1968) m. George Bryant Harbaugh
Helena “Helen” Eleanora Johnson (1897-1986) m. Walter Fredrick Bernhard Chellberg

Ancestor here lived in:

  • Porter, Indiana

Other Information:

Anders Ludvig “Gust” Johannesson Johnson was born to Johannes and Johanna Maria Danielsdotter Ingeson on 8 August 1839 in Norra Vi, Östergötland, Sweden. The fourth of six children, it is likely his nickname of Gust came from his August birthday. There is not agreement on when Gust arrived in the U.S. A family consisting of the same names departed Östergötland, Sweden and arrived in Boston, Massachusetts on 2 July 1850. If this is the same family, there is no record of Gust returning to Sweden. Interestingly, the rest of his family have not been found in Swedish records after the 1850 departure; he is found in Sweden beginning with the baptism of his first child on 14 November 1869 and through the 1882 departure with his wife and children. No marriage record has been found for Gust and Thilda “Anna Matilda” Johansdotter, though baptismal records have been found in Byarum, Jönköping, Sweden naming them as parents for their first six children. The family left for North America on 14 March 1882. After settling in Porter County, Indiana, four more children were born. They were members of Augsburg Lutheran Church in Porter County, Indiana. Per family recollection, Anna Matilda died in 1891, leaving children ranging in age from 3 to 22. Gust married Lovisa “Louise” Carlson on 16 September 1893 in Miller, Lake, Indiana. The couple would go on to have three daughters together. Gust had been working as a laborer at the time of his death from carcinoma of the liver and stomach on 20 May 1906. He was buried in Blake Cemetery, Porter, Indiana. After Anders death, the children from his first marriage kept sporadic contact with their step-family. A letter from William’s wife, Anna, provided his location in Garrett, DeKalb, Indiana in 1912. A photo circa 1929 shows sibling Anna, Ida, Selma, Charlie, and Andrew visiting their step-sister Helen. Unfortunately, information on the oldest siblings has been scant.

The original marriage certificate for Gust and Lovisa state she was from Chicago; his name is recorded as Gust. Perhaps Louise did not know his given name was Anders as she, as the informant on his death certificate, provided his first name as Gust.

Submitted by:
Lori Samuelson


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