Samuel Howard Erickson

Samuel Howard Erickson
birth: 16 November 1810 in Östergötlands län, Sweden
death: 18 July 1890 Porter, Indiana
burial: Augsburg Lutheran Cemetery, Porter, Indiana

marriage: 4 November 1830 Vastra Harg, Östergötland, Sweden
Anna Elisabet “Lisa” Torstensdotter
birth: 6 March 1797 Sweden
death: Before 30 August 1868 Porter, Indiana

Children of Anna Elisabet “Lisa” Torstensdotter and Samuel Howard Erickson:

  • Johan Peter Samuelson 1831-1907 1st m. Unknown. 2nd m. Christina Katharina Danielson
  • Anders Fredrik Erickson 1834- Bef 1884 Mena
  • Johanna Carolina Samuelson 1836-1903 John Borg
  • Samuel “August” Samuelson 1839-1908 Maria Svensdotter/Swanson
  • Anna Stina Samuelson 1842-1844

    2nd Marriage:
    Anna Sophia Erickson 1870-1895 Carl Johan Person
    Christina Matilda Erickson 1872-1962 Charles Emil Johnson Holm

Ancestor here lived in:

  • Porter, Indiana

Other Information:

Little is known about Samuel Howard Erickson’s youth. Born 16 November 1810 in Östergötland län, Sweden his father’s first name was likely Erick. Samuel married first Anna Elisabet “Lisa” Torstensdotter on 4 November 1830 in Vastra Harg, Östergötland, Sweden. Lisa was 13 years older than Samuel. The couple wasted no time and soon had 5 children, 4 boys and 2 girls. The youngest child, daughter Anna Stina, died as a toddler. Interestingly, the second child, Anders, did not follow the patronymic custom of the time and took the surname Erickson. The other children’s surname became Samuelson. It is not known why the family decided to relocate from Sweden to the U.S.; Samuel was a farmer and land was scare in Sweden as the population had doubled between 1750 and 1850. Coupled with a famine that was killing 22 of every 1000 Swedes, a fresh start in a new land must have sounded promising. The children, ranging in age from 13 to 20, along with their parents departed Östergötland on 10 May 1851, arriving in New York City on 8 September 1851. By 1860 the family had settled in Westchester, Porter, Indiana. The family continued to follow the Lutheran faith by becoming members of the Augsburg Chapel. It is not known when Lisa died or where she is buried, likely in an unmarked grave, possibly in Bailey or Chesterton Cemetery. On 30 August 1868, Samuel remarried to Maria Helena Magdalene “Lena” Larsdotter. The couple had two daughters who like son Anders, took Erickson as their surname. Samuel continued to farm at age 70 in 1880. He died on 18 July 1890 in Porter, Indiana and is buried in the Augsburg Lutheran Cemetery. Samuel’s will was probated on 23 July 1890 in Porter Circuit Court; he left his property to his second wife and his two youngest children.

Submitted by:
Lori Samuelson

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