Samuel August Samuelson

Samuel August Samuelson
birth: 3 January 1839 in Stora Haddebo, Västra Harg, Östergötland, Sweden to Samuel and Anna Elisabet “Lisa” Torstensdotter Erickson
death: 14 January 1908 in Chesterton Township, Porter, Indiana
burial: Augsburg Lutheran Cemetery, Porter, Indiana

marriage: 10 January 1871 in Baileytown, Porter, Indiana
Maria Svensdotter/Swanson
birth: 17 September 1849 in Svenarum, Jonkoping Sweden to Sven Gustaf and Stina Gundmundsdotter Johannesson
death: 19 March 1880 in Baileytown, Porter, Indiana
burial: Augsburg Lutheran Cemetery, Porter, Indiana

Children of Maria Svensdotter/Swanson and Samuel August Samuelson:

  • Johan Viktor “John Victor” Samuelson 1872-1921 Hilda Josefina Charlson
  • John Louis “Louie” Samuelson 1873-1919 Sophia Rebecca Swanson
  • Alfreda Frederika Samuelson 1874-1881
  • Ada Emilia Samuelson 1876-1955 Sven “Sam” Oscar Edward Charlson
  • August “Gust” Theodore Samuelson 1877-1879
  • Gustaf Theodore “Gust” Samuelson 1879-1947 Lulu May Cook

Ancestor here lived in:

  • Chesterton Township, Porter, Indiana

Other Information:

Immigrant Samuel August Samuelson was the third son and fourth child of Samuel and Anna Elisabet “Lisa” Torstensdotter Erickson born on 3 January 1839 in Stora Haddebo, Västra Harg, Östergötland, Sweden. He also had an older step-brother, Carl Gustaf Johnson, from Lisa’s first relationship and two younger half-sisters, Anna Stina and Anna Sophia, from his father’s second marriage to Maria Helena Magdalena Larsdotter. Due to the patronymic style in use at the time of Samuel’s birth, his father’s first name became Samuel’s surname. Samuel, along with his parents, sister and brother Anders Fredrik emigrated from Sweden to Porter County, Indiana on 10 May 1851. After living for a year in Chicago, Illinois, the family made their way to Porter County, Indiana where Samuel’s step-brother had settled in 1849. His brother, Johan Peter, joined the family in Porter County in 1854. The family is found in the 1860 US Federal census misnamed with the surname Axen; perhaps the enumerator could not understand the word Erickson and assumed everyone in the family used the same surname. Samuel’s age is correctly listed as 21, however, his first name is missing; it is shown by quotation marks under the listing for his older brother, Johan Peter. On 16 August 1862, Samuel enlisted as a Private for the Union in the 73rd Indiana Infantry Regiment, Company E where he was described as 5 foot 4.5 inches tall, with a light complexion, blue eyes and light hair. He was promoted to Corporal on 12 December 1863. Samuel saw much action at Stone River, Perryville, and Murfreesboro where he received a severe shoulder injury due to a gunshot wound on 31 December 1862. He was hospitalized for 3 days in Nashville, Tennessee. He continued to serve but on 3 May 1863 near Cedar Bluff, Alabama he was captured as a prisoner of war and taken to Richmond, Virginia. On 15 May 1863 he was traded in a prisoner exchange at City Point, Virginia and taken to Camp Parole, Maryland on 18 May 1863. Due to the severity of reinjuring his shoulder, he was mustered out on 28 May 1863. He returned to Indiana where he struggled for three years to regain the use of his arm. He became a farmer like his father, owning 219 acres, and an active member of his community by his association with the Swedish Lutheran Church and the Republican Party. He became a naturalized citizen in 1867. Samuel wed on 10 January 1871 Maria Svensdotter/Swanson at her parents’ Baileytown, Porter, Indiana home. The couple had four sons and two daughter, four who lived to adulthood. Maria died in 1880; her youngest child, Gustaf Theodore, was only 11 months old. Samuel received a Civil War pension in 1895; it was renewed in both 1900 and 1901. Samuel’s accidental death was a tragic loss for the community. At age 69, he was driving a sleigh with friend, David Kastler, across the Pere Marquette railroad crossing when they were hit by a fast train and killed instantly. He was buried in Augsburg Lutheran Cemetery, Porter, Indiana.

Weston A. Goodspeed, Historical Editor and Charles Blanchard, Biographical Editor. Counties of Porter and Lake Historical and Biographical Illustrated, Chicago: F. A. Battey & Co, 1882. p. 310.
Porter County, Indiana Biographical Sketches erroneously lists Samuel’s middle initial as “E.”

Submitted by:
Lori Samuelson

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