Gustaf Teodor “Gust” Samuelson

Gustaf Teodor “Gust” Samuelson
birth: 29 April 1879 in Baileytown, Chesterton, Porter, Indiana to Samuel August and Maria Svensdotter/Swanson Samuelson
death: 9 October 1947 San Bernardino, California
burial: Augsburg Lutheran Cemetery, Porter, Indiana

marriage: 3 December 1904 in Baileytown, Chesterton, Indiana
Lulu May Cook
birth: 15 August 1883 in Melrose Park, Cook, Illinois to Andrew and Mary Thompson Cook
death: 14 October 1968 in Gary, Lake, Indiana
burial: Augsburg Lutheran Cemetery, Porter, Indiana

Children of Lulu May Cook and Gustaf Teodor “Gust” Samuelson:

  • Ruby Mae Samuelson (1907-2003) m. 1st Charles Kenneth Lindell m. 2nd Carl Mitchell Sederberg
  • Lester Gustaf Samuelson (1908-1978)
  • Arline Marie Samuelson (1910-1969) m. Milton Richard Danderson
  • Margaret Samuelson (1912-1982) m. Earle Charles Heritage
  • Carolyn Loretta Lucile Samuelson (1916-1932)
  • William Lewis Samuelson (1919-1992) m. Betty Jean Harbaugh
  • Edwin Donald Samuelson (1921-1993) m. Lorraine Maleski

Ancestor here lived in:

  • Baileytown, Chesterton, Porter, Indiana

Other Information:

The fourth son of six children born to Samuel August and Maria Svensdotter/Swanson Samuelson on 29 April 1879 in Baileytown, Chesterton, Porter, Indiana, Gustaf “Gust” Teodor Samuelson was only 11 months old when his mother died. In 1880, he was named August on the US Federal Census though no other records show him recorded with that name. In 1900, no occupation is listed for him; he was residing with an older sister Ida and his father, Samuel, who was a farmer. The categories for read/write/speak English were left blank though family and later records show he could perform all three and had attended school for at least 4 years. Gust was of medium height and build with blue eyes and light hair color. Gust married Lulu May Cook on 3 December 1904 in Baileytown. The couple would live in Baileytown throughout their lives and have four daughters and three sons. Although no records remain to show what career Gust had at the time of his marriage and first child, by December 1908 when his second child was born, Gust was a Fireman. He continued to work as a fireman in 1912, renting a house in Westchester, Porter, Indiana. By October 1912, Gust was employed as a Steam Shovel Engineer. In October 1916 he was a coal sampler. In 1918 he was known to be working as a Steam Shovel Engineer for the Michigan Central Railroad. By 1920, the family owned a home and in 1921 he continued to work as a Steam Shovel Engineer. At the start of the Great Depression in 1930, Gust managed a feed store. Daughter Loretta, a piano virtuoso, died unexpectedly in July 1932 of peri and endocarditis. Gust operated a gas crane for the railroad in 1940. On a vacation with his wife, Lulu, to San Bernardino, California, on 9 October 1947 to visit his married daughter Arlene, Gust died of a coronary embolism. At the time of his death he was employed by the Indiana State Highway Department as a fireman in Chesterton. Through the assistance of the Flynn-Lundbrg Funeral Home in Chesterton, Gust was buried in Augsburg Lutheran Cemetery, Porter, Indiana.

Submitted by:
Lori Samuelson


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