Matthias Milton Shidaker

Matthias Milton Shidaker
birth: 21 Jun 1845, Miami County, Ohio to John Shidaker, Jr. & Mary Burgher
death: 15 Apr 1927, Fulton County, Indiana
burial: Moon Cemetery, Fulton County, Indiana

Lottie B. [–?–]
birth: abt 1859
death: bef 1900

Children of Matthias Milton Shidaker and Lottie B. [–?–]:

  • John E. Shidaker (1874 – Dec 1915)
  • Ralph Shidaker (b. 1878)
  • William Shidaker (b. May 1880)

Matthias lived in Elizabeth Township, Miami County, Ohio (1850); Plymouth, Marshall County, Indiana (1864); Chicago, Illinois (1870); St. Joseph County, Indiana (1880); Aubbeenaubbee Township, Fulton County, Indiana (1900-1920); and Leiters Ford, Fulton County, Indiana (1927).

He served during the Civil War in Company K of the 13th Regiment, Indiana Cavalry.  He suffered a lifetime of pain from having a minie ball lodged in his hip.

Submitted by:
Kathleen A Rausch

1 thought on “Matthias Milton Shidaker

  1. Gerald L. shidaker

    Great grandfather Matthias had two sons by Lottie, John and Ralph, I believe William Louis Shidaker was the son of Matthias’ younger brother Perry Shidaker.

    After Lottie’s death Matthias married Ellen Carothers (1864 to 1914) and had a large family. daughters: Bessie Shidaker Young, Ollie Shidaker Molter, Hettie Esther Shidaker Platz,, and Bertha Shidaker Bitterling

    Sons: Jonas Shidaker, Delbert Shidaker, Refus shidaker, Russell Shidaker, Joseph Shidaker and my grandfather George C.Shidaker.


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