William Haslett

William Haslett
b. 22 March 1820, Columbia, Pennsylvania, to John and Lettitia (Dunlap) Haslett
d. 11 June 1889, Bertrand Township, Berrien County, Michigan

m. 21 July 1847, Harris Township, St. Joseph County, Indiana
Mary Ellen Best
b. 8 September 1828, White Deer Township, Union County, Pennsylvania
d. Bertrand Township, Berrien County, Michigan

Children with Mary Ellen Best:
• James Dunlap (1848-1933)
• Andrew Dunlap (1850-1850)
• Robert Nixon (b. 1851)
• John Alexander (1853-1932)
• William Best (b. 1855)
• Charles Lyon (1860-1939)

William came to Indiana with his parents in 1837 from Fayette County, Pennsylvania. He left the state in 1847. For years he served as Supervisor of Bertrand Township and as Secretary of the Farmers’ Mutual Insurance Company.

Submitted by:
Mrs. JoAnne Ross
Granger IN

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