Edwin Thomas Dooley

Edwin Thomas Dooley
b. 30 October 1857, Columbia City, Whitley County, Indiana, to John and Johanna (Quinn) Dooley
d. 18 March 1928, Yoakum, Lavaca County, Texas

m. 20 October 1888, Columbia City, Whitley County, Indiana
Rosa Anna Steiner
b. 21 October 1859, Columbia City, Whitley County, Indiana
d. 10 November 1945, Yoakum, Lavaca County, Texas

Edwin and Rosa had no children; however, in 1894 they became foster parents to three of Edwin’s brother John’s six children: Leo (1886-1943), Julia (1888-1967), and Alice (1893-1967). In 1906 Rosa’s brother Joseph died, and they continued their role as foster parents, adding his five children to their family.

Edwin became a brakeman for the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1879; this took him to Texas in 1883. He returned to Indiana to claim Rosa as his bride in 1888. He lived in Columbia City in Whitley County and Arcola in Allen County before emigrating in May 1883 to Eagle Pass, Maverick County, Texas.

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Kelvin C. Boyle
Woodridge IL
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