James D. Lewis

James D. Lewis
b. 1 August 1862, Merthyr Tydfil, Wales, to William and Mary (Griffiths) Lewis
d. 12 February 1940, Royalton, Franklin County, Illinois

m. 22 June 1891, Pulaski County, Kentucky
Litha Emmaline Strunk
b. 15 May 1863, Kentucky
d. after 1945

Children with Litha Emmaline Strunk:

  • Florence (b. 1892) married Keith Hayne
  • Mary Jane (b. 1894) married George Williams
  • Clementine (b. 1896) married John Barbee
  • Emerson (b. 1898)

James immigrated to Indiana from Merthyr Tydfil, Wales, in 1881. He first lived in Otter Creek Township, Vigo County, Indiana, and then moved to Nevins Township in Vigo County. He left Indiana between 1910 and 1920, going first to Henderson County, Kentucky, and then settled in Royalton, Franklin County, Illinois.

While living in Wales, James worked in the mines. When he came to the United States, he continued in the mining industry and was superintendent of the mines while in Kentucky.

James was very fond of dogs and was an avid hunter.

Submitted by:
Jennifer Cruse
Terre Haute IN
E-mail: jencruse@msn.com

1 thought on “James D. Lewis

  1. Michael Sobsey

    Hi: interesting. My grandmother was Clementine. My mother was Mary Alice, her daughter. Clementine lived with our family in Las Vegas when I was a baby, and then in Maryland. She moved back to Indianapolis in about 1967 and I never saw her again. All my memories of her are good. I could share them with descendants who are interested in her lineage.


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