Thomas Story

Thomas Story
b. 15 May 1835, Hancock, Washington County, Maryland, to William and Margaret (Shearer) Story
d. 5 March 1914, Barnesville, Montgomery County, Maryland

m. 5 August 1884, Barnesville, Montgomery County, Maryland
Sidonia Hilton
b. 13 July 1858, Barnesville, Montgomery County, Maryland
d. 27 January 1917, Barnesville, Montgomery County, Maryland

Children with Sidonia Hilton:

  • Helen (b. 1887)
  • Edward (b. 1890)

Thomas was the oldest of four children. He was orphaned at 22 years of age and became guardian of two younger sisters, whom he raised. Between 1839 and 1846, he migrated to Indiana from Hancock, Washington County, Maryland. He served at one time as Deputy Secretary of State for Indiana. He lived at Martinsville, Morgan County, Indiana, until 1859, when he went to Washington, D.C., as a clerk in the Department of Treasury.

Thomas served in the Union army with the National Rifles during the Civil War. After the war, he settled in Barnesville, Maryland, where he worked as a schoolmaster for many years.

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Joanne Booth
Tallahassee FL

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