John “Jack” Rouse

John “Jack” Rouse
b. between 1790-1795, South Carolina
d. after 1891, DeWitt, Saline County, Nebraska

m. about 1812, Tennessee
Lydia N. Remington
b. between 1796-1797, North Carolina
d. before 1880, Saline County, Nebraska

Children with Lydia N. Remington:

  • William (1813-1903) married Henrietta Williams
  • Joseph (1820-1903) married (1) Hannah [–?–], (2) Catherine Wilson
  • Margaret (1824-1903) married Abel Cox
  • Mary Jane (1829-1860’s) married Bernard G. Speak
  • John C. (1830-1917) married (1) Mary Jane Lockhart, (2) Sarah Yerkes Brewster
  • Nancy (b. 1833) married Thomas Brophy

Jack emigrated from Vermillion County, Indiana, to Benton County, Iowa, in 1849. He was a great hunter, fisherman, and a true frontiersman. At one time, Jack shot two bucks whose antlers were so firmly locked together that they could not be separated. He moved his family to Nebraska when game became scarce in Iowa and the state became too highly populated for him.

Submitted by:
Marjorie H. Rouse
Vinton IA

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