Stephen Norman

Stephen Norman
b. 6 January 1806, Virginia, to James and Margaret Norman
d. 28 July 1879, Sewal, Wayne County, Iowa

m. 12 December 1822, Lewis County, Virginia
Francis Elenora Pritchett
b. 6 April 1801, Virginia
d. 10 April 1868

Children with Francis Elenora Pritchett:

  • James
  • Sarah Ann
  • George
  • Elizabeth
  • Susannah
  • Joseph
  • Lemual Marshall
  • Jane
  • Eliza
  • Mariah
  • Saul
  • Mary C.
  • Martha W.
  • Stephen
  • Samuel Asa
  • Nancy Lenory
  • Enos W.

Stephen emigrated late in the 1850’s or early 1860’s from Indiana to Sewal, Wayne County, Iowa. He was a Methodist minister. Five of his sons served in the U.S. Army during the Civil War.

Submitted by:
Selma L. Burch
Yuma AZ

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