John W. Bailey

b. August 1844, Kentucky
d. 30 October 1924, Wilmar, Drew County, Arkansas

m. 24 December 1865, Bartholomew County, Indiana
Adaline Whittington
b. February 1851, Indiana
d. 1907, Bartholomew County, Indiana

Children with Adaline Whittington:

  • Lillian Mary (b. 1867)
  • William (b. ca. 1869)
  • Patsy M. (b. ca. 1870)
  • Sarah (b. ca. 1872)
  • Justine (b. ca. 1878)
  • Francis Elmer
  • Martha (b. ca. 1882)
  • Hessie M. (b. ca. 1884)
  • Loran J. (b. 1886)
  • Lena

John emigrated from Bartholomew County, Indiana, in 1909.

John W.’s Civil War pension files includes a letter written 6 September 1910 from Wilmar, Arkansas, asking the pension commissioner to reconsider his pension application in lieu of the fact that he was a deserter. He states that he enlisted at “Falmath” Kentucky, it being the county seat of Pendleton County, in the 18th Kentucky regiment in 1861. He “recolect”s that he served 12 or 13 months and then wanted a furlough to go home which was denied so he “lit out and went eny how.” After trying unsuccessfully to re-locate his regiment he returned home until the “officers capteured me and took me back to the redgment way down in southern part of Tenise that was then in 63 the army started then to march to Chickamaga . “ After taking ill and spending a month in the hospital at “Chatneuky” he deserted “for good and went to Columbus and when the war broke I married there.”

John was denied a pension in 1890 and 1910 for his record of desertion.

Submitted by:
Shari Carr
Columbus, IN


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