Richard Hendrickson

Richard Hendrickson
b. 1810, Kentucky
d. 25 February 1896, Redfield, Bourbon County, Kansas

m/1. 15 August 1831, Bartholomew County, Indiana
Margaret McKibbon
b. 1813, Ohio
d. 12 April 1849, Newcastle Township, Fulton County, Indiana

m/2. 1850
Sarah Jane Crew/Cruz

Children with Margaret McKibbon:

  • Mariah (b. 1835)
  • Sarah “Sally” (b. 1838)
  • Harrison Henry (1840–1899) married Lizzie Custard
  • Richard (1842–1863)
  • George (1844–1878) married Mary Ann Morgan
  • James (1846–1863)

Richard emigrated from German Township, Bartholomew County, Indiana, to Bloomfield, Davis County, Iowa, in 1853.

All of Richard and Margaret’s sons volunteered and served in the Union Army during the Civil War. Richard, Jr. and James died in the war. George, the only son to have children, fathered eight children before he died at age 33 in 1878 of war-related injuries and illness.

Sarah Jane Crew/Cruz, Richard’s second wife, was a widow with a son, William.

In 1865 Richard and Jane, his second wife, moved from Iowa to Kansas, where he farmed
and operated a gristmill. They lived long and healthy lives until they died within hours of each other in 1896. Around 1878, the spelling of the family name was changed to Hendrixson for reasons unknown.

Submitted by:
Paula G. Vierra
Eagan MN

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