George Grove

George Grove
b. 1798, Pennsylvania
d. 1850–1854, Jasper County, Illinois

Lovina/Lorrina Barnes (?)
b. 1798, North Carolina
d. September 1870, Jasper County, Illinois

Children with Lovina/Lorrina Barnes:

  • Anna married [–?–] Richards
  • Micheal (b. 1822)
  • Garrison (1823–1901) married Sally Ann Stivers
  • Rebecca married [–?–] Richards
  • Silas
  • George W. (b. 1832)
  • Daniel (b. 1835)
  • Jesse (b. 1835)

George resided in Jackson, Brown County, Indiana. He emigrated in 1848 to Jasper County, Illinois. The town of Georgetown, now called Bean Blossom, in Brown County, Indiana, was named for George Grove.

Submitted by:
Randall M. Grove
Dix IL

1 thought on “George Grove

  1. jim grove

    I am a descendent of george grove through his son michael. looking for evidence of george’s parents. jim grove, marion, Il


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