August William Fiedler

August William Fiedler
b. 4 October 1849, Mochmuhl, Neckar, Wurttemberg, Germany

m. 29 April 1876, Germany
Marie Louise Reifeis
b. 14 February 1854, Wurttemberg, Germany

Children with Marie Louise Reifeis:

  • August Frederick (b. 15 August 1876, Mockmuhl, Wurttemberg, Germany)
  • Emilie (30 October 1879-13 September 1880) of New Albany, Indiana and Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Charlotte Ernestine (b. 31 August 1881)
  • Lula Marie (b. 2 May 1884)

August arrived in the United States in 1878 or 1879. He resided by 1905 in St. Louis, Missouri.

Submitted by:
Alice Lafferty Astroth
Salt Lake City UT

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