Julia Belle Davis

Julia Belle Davis
b. 4 October 1869, Cannelton, Perry County, Indiana, to Joseph and Arelia Ellen (Worthington) Davis
d. 2 July 1938, Spokane, Washington

m/1. 9 July 1889, Spokane, Washington
D. Glover
b. 24 March 1840, Fraserburgh, Aberdeen County, Scotland
d. March 1895, Peone Prairie, Spokane County, Washington

Alexander Johnston


  • Victoria
  • Thomas Barney
  • Arelia Ellen

Julia lived in Tell City and Cannelton, Perry County, Indiana, until moving in 1888 to Colbert, Spokane County, Washington. D. Glover was a well-to-do businessman from Nagasaki. They farmed on Peone Prairie, Washington, until his death six years later.

Submitted by:
Betty J. Patterson
Spokane WA

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