Thomas Brinton

Thomas Brinton
b. 1800, Lincoln County, Kentucky, to Bryant and Jane (Burns) Brinton
d. 23 April 1865, Buchanan County, Missouri

m/1. 20 July 1821, Washington County, Kentucky
Elizabeth Van Dyke
b. to Richard and Polly Van Dyke
d. before 1837

Drucilla Kimmel
d. 24 November 1866, Buchanan County, Missouri


  • Richard Van Dyke (b. 6 June 1822, Boyle County, Kentucky)
  • Bryant (b. 6 October 1824, Boyle County, Kentucky)
  • Constantine S. (b. 27 August 1827, Putnam County, Indiana)
  • Caroline (b. 2 April 1833, Putnam County, Indiana)

Thomas Brinton took up a claim on land in Jefferson Township, Putnam County, Indiana, 10 November 1824. The original patent, signed by President Monroe, is in the possession of Frank A. Brinton, St. Joseph, Missouri. Thomas and Drucilla moved from Putnam
County, Indiana, to Platte Purchase, Buchanan County, Missouri, in 1837.

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Marian E. Hale
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