Phebe Rissler

Phebe Rissler
b. 3 February 1800, Green Spring, Frederick County, Virginia, to John and Catherine Rissler
d. 26 January 1873, Worth, Boone County, Iowa

m. 2 August 1821, near Laconia, Harrison County, Indiana
Squire Boone
b. 7 June 1794, Virginia
d. 5 December 1879, Boone County, Iowa

Children with Squire Boone:

  • William Myrtle (1822-1837)
  • Matilda Ann (1824-1837)
  • Err Rissler (1826-1837)
  • Melmoth (1828-1829)
  • Hannah C. (1830-1901)
  • Elizabeth (b. 1832)
  • Julia (1834-1908)
  • John L. (b. 1836)
  • Tyler (1840-1928)
  • Harrison (1840-1862)
  • Anna M. (1841-1920)

Phebe emigrated from Indiana in 1852 to Boone County, Iowa. In 1794 Phebe’s parents, John and Catherine Rissler, and their five children moved in a covered wagon from Pennsylvania to Virginia, where they built a one-room log house with a large stone chimney and fireplace. When everything seemed to be going well, John died leaving Catherine with ten children, the oldest just nineteen.

Catherine remained on the farm for a few years until the older children married and moved to other states. Then, soon after 1817, she moved with the younger children to Harrison County, Indiana. Here two of Moses Boone’s children, Squire and Susan, married Phebe and William Rissler. William later moved on from Harrison County to Putnam County, Indiana, where he built a mill on Walnut Creek. Then he returned to Harrison County to move his mother to Putnam County, where she died in 1839.

Phebe and her husband Squire Boone moved to Boone County, Iowa, in the early 1850’s. They are both buried there in the Squire Boone Cemetery, which borders the farm where they lived.

Submitted by:
Lorraine Van Dolah
Wichita KS

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