Charlie Newland Ray

Charlie Newland Ray
b. 10 September 1874, Shawswick, Lawrence County, Indiana, to Thomas Todd and Susan (Kern) Ray
d. 6 June 1960, Salt Lake City, Utah

m. 18 June 1902, Salt Lake City, Utah
Lulu Grace Bourgard
b. 1866, Bingham Canyon, Sanpete County, Utah
d. 1966, Salt Lake City, Utah

Children with Lulu Grace Bourgard:

  • Florence (b. 1904) married [–?–] Malmiquist
  • Charles (b. 1909)

Charles Newland was one of twelve children. All completed teachers college and taught school. In 1899 Charlie, the seventh child, was the first of five of the children to go West.

Charlie Ray graduated in 1898 from the Louisville Medical School, now the University of Louisville. In 1899 he was practicing medicine in Utah. He wrote home that he was usually paid in chickens and produce but had received $30.00 for a surgery. He became company doctor for the Utah Copper Company, now Kennicott Mining, in Bingham Canyon, Utah. The family lived in a sixteen-room house with the first floor used as a hospital and the second as the family residence. Lou Ray worked with her husband as a nurse. After a few years, Charlie opened a practice in Salt Lake City.

Submitted by:
Ruth Ray Edwards
Cincinnati OH

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