William Henry Cozine

William Henry Cozine 
b. 15 July 1819, Kentucky, to George Cozine and Charity Banta
d. 3 October 1889, Napa, Califonnia

m. August 1868, Antioch, Contra Costa, California
Margaret Jane Brooks
b. 22 December 1847, Sweetland Township, Muscatine County, Iowa, to Hiram and Isabella Jane (Clendenin) Brooks
d. 8 June 1918, San Francisco, California

Children with Margaret Jane Brooks:

  • Mary (b. 1871) married [–?–] Cook
  • William Henry (1872–1964) married Catherine Lowe
  • George H. (1875–1953)
  • Charlotte May (1876–1938) married [–?–] Agnew
  • Garrett B. (b. 1879) married Rose Joaquin
  • Martha (b. 1880) married Emanuel Marshall

William Henry Cozine crossed the plains to California in 1850, just before the admission of the state into the union.

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JoAnne Goodacre
Springfield VA

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