Frederich Brindle

Frederich Brindle
b. 26 February 1813, Germany
d. 29 October 1882, Lyon, Kansas

Marie Magdalene Gunkel
b. 14 September 1817, Ober Ramstadt, Hessen, Germany, to Johann Adam and Anna Margaretha (Hofmann) Gunkel
d. about 1867, Lyon County, Kansas

Children with Marie Magdalene Gunkel:

  • Lewis Adam (1838-1886) married Mary Ann Crites
  • Elizabeth Christina (1842-1914) married Samuel Thompson French
  • Caroline (1843-1947) married Owen Nutt
  • Margaret (b. 1845)
  • Mary (b. 1847)
  • Louisa (b. 1850) married John C. Gunkel
  • William John (1852-1913)
  • Pamilla (1855-1931)
  • Matilda
  • Carl
  • Franklin F. (1861-1942) married Mary Ann McAntee

Frederich immigrated to Indiana from Pennsylvania between 1833 and 1838. He resided in Hamilton and Morgan counties in Indiana. The family emigrated from Indiana between 1856 and 1860 to Jefferson, Wayne County, Missouri.

Submitted by:
Regina Falcetto
Emporia KS

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